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Against the ordinary

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the rebellion in every frame

we believe in

crafting more than just frames

We create experiences, stories, and a visual language that resonates with the individuality of every wearer.


Crafted with precision, Edge Eyewear frames seamlessly marry classic design with modern edge, featuring bold, angular lines and a sleek finish.

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In a world inundated with choices, Kühl stands out as the brand that caters to those who seek more than just eyewear; they seek a statement.

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coconut grove

Drawing inspiration from vintage vacation vibes and bringing retro glamour into modern frames that transcend time.

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Sets the benchmark for unparalleled comfort and enduring strength. Designed with sleek contours and impactful embellishments that effortlessly reimagine classic styles as cutting-edge masterpieces.

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kÜhl kids

From playground to runway. Kühl Kids frames blend playful aesthetics with thoughtful engineering, creating eyewear that's not just miniature, but a mini masterpiece.

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Parker & payne

From the diverse tapestry of English culture. A brand that curates captivating eyewear collections that exude creativity and an unapologetically English flair.

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created for the bold

by the bold

become a rebel eyewear wholesaler

Join us as we redefine the eyewear landscape, one frame at a time.